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ARN Funeral & Cremation Services is the preferred provider for the growing number of people in Central Indiana seeking an Eco-friendly, commonly called a “green funeral", for their loved ones.

Preparation of the Body

Our unique facility is one of only a few in Indiana which utilizes refrigeration.  

We use refrigeration to temporarily preserve the body until the service time. It is a common misconception that a body must be embalmed to be buried. We encourage each family to explore all options before making decisions about burial.

 Casket Choices

ARN Funeral & Cremation Services carries a large selection of biodegradable and earth-friendly caskets.  Biodegradable caskets are made from all-natural materials (no plastic or metal), like wood or wicker. Burial will then take place in a cemetery that allows either no vault or a vault without a bottom. 

Natural Enhancements 

Additional eco-friendly elements can be added to a service with varying degrees to fit one's comfort level.  For example, our one-of-a-kind facility is welcoming to families who want to participate in bathing or dressing their loved one.

Indiana Green Burials FAQS

How Does a Green Burial Work

Green burial is an increasingly popular option for those looking for a more eco-friendly way to dispose of their loved ones' bodies. Also known as natural burial, green burial is a way of returning the body to the earth in a simple and sustainable fashion. Unlike traditional burials, which often involve embalming fluids and concrete vaults, green burials use biodegradable materials that are not harmful to the environment. Green burial grounds are also typically designed to be natural landscapes that the living can enjoy. As awareness of the environmental impact of traditional burials grows, green burial is likely to become an even more popular option.

Does Indiana Allow Green Burials

Yes, Indiana does allow green burials! Four cemeteries in the state offer green/natural burial options: Kessler Woods at Washington Park North Cemetery in Indianapolis; Spring Vale in Lafayette; Oak Hill Cemetery in Crawfordsville; and White Oak Cemetery in Bloomington. Green burial is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burial practices. It is becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of funeral practices' impact on the environment. If you are interested in exploring green burial options for yourself or a loved one, check out one of these beautiful cemeteries in Indiana!

What Is the Difference Between a Green Burial and A Natural Burial

Green burial and natural burial are terms that are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two. Green burial strictly refers to the actual burial process. This means the opening and closing of the grave. And the preparation of the remains and the laying of those remains in the burial plot. Green burial also refers to the cemetery in which the burial takes place. The cemetery must be managed environmentally friendly, such as using native plants and not using harmful chemicals. On the other hand, natural burial only refers to the actual burial process. This means that no chemicals or embalming fluids are used on the body and that the body is simply wrapped in a shroud or placed in a biodegradable casket.

Can A Body Be Buried Without Embalming

Yes, you can bury a body without embalming it. This is called a natural or green burial. The body is wrapped in a shroud or placed in a biodegradable casket and buried in the ground. No chemicals are used, and no concrete vaults or liners are needed. Natural burials are much simpler and more environmentally friendly than traditional burials.

How Long Does It Take a Body to Decompose in A Green Cemetery

Unlike conventional burial practices, green burials do not use harmful chemicals or pollutants. Green burials also allow the body to decompose naturally, without using embalming fluids or other preservatives. So, how long does a body decompose in a green cemetery take?

The answer depends on several factors, including the type of coffin or shroud used, the size and weight of the body, and the climate. In general, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for a body to decompose completely in a green cemetery. During this time, the body will release approximately 12 gallons of moisture.

We realize you may have additional questions, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or by phone. 

We’re here to help.  

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